Shaista is a very knowledgeable and helpful immigration consultant. She will go out of her way to help her clients. She is always accessible and keeps herself and her clients aware of all regulatory changes. I will highly recommend her.

Mariam Sohail Client
Mariam Sohail

The best part of my experience to deal with you was everything done professionally and on time. You made the process easier than I thought. Me and my family wish you all the best in the future. Highly recommended.

Muhammad Atiq Client
Muhammad Atiq

I had a great experience with Shanum Immigration Services. Shaista Amjad was highly professional, accessible and responsive throughout my Father's Visa application process. Her patience with my many questions and her attentiveness to details were outstanding. She was very helpful and answered all the questions I had regarding my application. I would highly recommend her guidance and services.

Shahla Mahfooz Hassan
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manpreet kaur
It was great experience with mam . She is very polite and professional in her work . Also my querry was resolved by mam everytime.
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Samrina Adil
Shanum Immigration Services guided me for my study permit process from start in the best way possible! Though my case was not an ideal one it was due to her prompt responses and expert advices that the process sailed smoothly. Even the smallest of my questions were never left unanswered .There were no refusals and hinderances in my process due to her expertise. I highly recommend her to people looking forward to successful visa process.
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HaSsAn kAzMi
Shaista is an experienced and professional immigration consultant. She was very mature in her approach towards the entire immigration process. She kept us well informed throughout the process and educated us about the legal requirements. Overall, she handled our case very well. Thank you Shaista 💐
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Adrian Cerera
I definitely recommend lawyer Shaista Amjad from shanum immigration services. She's a good listener and understanding. She is very cooperative despite of my busy schedule. A very good lawyer.
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Fareen Javed
Thank you for all your help!!! 😊
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Ruwaida Adeel
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Yousaf Khan
Awesome, my experience with Shanum Immigration Service has been a great one, making my family visit to Canada very smooth. Ms. Shaista Amjad, so helpful and always answered all our questions and concern at all hours without getting annoyed 😊. They are really a blessing to us, that’s why I highly recommend Shanum Immigration Service to my friends and family who is looking for a great migration consultant. Keep up the good work.
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jameel advocate
I really found this page very informative and helpful coupled with all the latest updates.The best thing was that all my queries were properly addressed.
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Ambreen Fatima
I have been working with Shanum Immigration service for last few months. It was a pleasant experience. We had a very good communication and it was an absolute professional service till end. Very prompt to respond for any queries through out the process. I definitely recommend there service. Thank you for your support .
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Naseer Mustafa Khan
Great and speedy service. I was in difficult situation about my profile. I contacted Shanum Immigration Services who quickly understood my situation and advised accordingly. Shaista Mam started and completed my application process before the deadline. I was hugely surprised by how responsive Shaista Mam was at my tough period. Very attentive to my needs and inquiries. I would work with the team again in the future
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