Unlocking Your Canadian Dream: Age Is Just a Number on Your Study Permit Journey!

Unlocking Your Canadian Dream: Age Is Just a Number on Your Study Permit Journey!

Age Is Just A Number

Age is Just a Number, A Success Story

In your pursuit of the Canadian dream, always keep in mind that “Age is Just a Number.” When aiming for your dream in Canada, know that your age shouldn’t stop you; it’s about seizing opportunities, regardless of your age. Numerous individuals aged 35 to 45 have successfully obtained study permits for Canada, underscoring the fact that age can not limit their acope.

Here at Shanum Immigration, we’ve assisted countless clients in achieving this after assesment of their profiles, and we’re thrilled to share an inspiring story to emphasize further that age is just a number, motivating you on your journey. For privacy reasons, we’ve changed the client’s name and nationality in this blog.

Success Story:

Ann, a 43-year-old mother of two, graduated as a physiotherapist but worked as a teacher and curriculum coordinator at a school. Despite a low CRS score, she aspired to immigrate to Canada. Ann decided to study in Canada to become eligible for Permanent Residence through Canadian education and if opppurtunity allowes, gain work expereince on a Post Graduate Work Permit.

We aligned her experience and passion and secured her admission to the Master of Organizational Management program at Crandall University, New Brunswick. Additionally, the program selection was based on a thorough analysis of her profile, interests, and plans, resulting in a successful study permit application.

In Canadian study permit applications, age is not the deciding factor it may seem. Aspiring international students in their 40s still have a promising path to success. The key lies in a meticulously crafted Statement of Purpose and a comprehensive approach that considers critical elements.

Critical Factors for a Successful Study Permit Application:

1. Your Education and Work Experience:

Emphasize how your education and work experience align with your chosen program of study. Furthermore, highlight the skills and knowledge gained and their contribution to your qualifications.

2. Study Program Selection:

Explain why you chose Canada and the specific institution, linking it to your career goals and educational journey.

3. Financial Preparedness:

Additionally, demonstrate financial independence and the availability of funds to cover your expenses during your study period. Furthermore, a well-detailed financial plan showcases your commitment.

4. Ties to Home Country:

Moreover, provide evidence of your strong ties to your home country, such as family connections, property ownership, or stable employment, indicating your intent to return after studies. Furthermore, these ties emphasize your commitment to returning.

Statement of Purpose

Your Statement of Purpose is crucial. Furthermore, it should convey your passion for your chosen field of study, motivations for studying in Canada, and long-term goals. Craft a compelling narrative weaving together your academic and professional journey, aspirations in Canada, and the role of your chosen program.


Age should not hinder your dreams of studying and working in Canada. Moreover, with careful planning and a comprehensive application, you can pave your way to Canadian permanent residence. Reach out to professionals who can guide you through the process. Your journey to Canada awaits – seize it for yourself and your future generations. While many are aware of the factors mentioned above, however, the secret lies in connecting the dots carefully and professionally with expertise in immigration law and practical aspects. Book an appointment today!

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We, here at Shanum Immigration, we proudly claim this success of helping aspiring students to come and make a positive impact on thier lives.

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